Protective Textiles & Clothings and Personnel Protective Equipments are key elements and in continuous development, to improve safety at work. Head2toeProtection is very proud to present a dedicated journal for this strategic market. First issue of Head2toeProtection will be launch at NSC Congress & Expo, on September 2014.


Head2ToeProtection magazine targets a specific captive audience which includes key players and buyers of the Workwear sector. The magazine focus on new developments and products in the following markets: head gear; fire retardant fabrics & clothings; high-visibility Workwear; personal protective equipments; safety footwear; eye, hand and ear protection.

Readers appreciate the value of the articles if offers, which present the points of view of industry leaders and major prime manufacturers, as well as strategic and technological information reflecting current events and innovation.

Published by CTT Group, a non-profit technological research centre, First issue of Head2ToeProtection will be distributed free of charge at NSC 2014 and will be also available electronically at

To find out how Head2ToeProtection can help you reach customers, get in touch with us today!

Jacek Mlynarek & Olivier Vermeersch, Editors-in-chief.